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2020 Students

Raj T

Hand gesture controlled car

Leo F

Wifi Strength Indicator

Sahil M

Monitoring and Displaying Knee Movement using [...]

Washieu A.

Emotion Recognition with the Raspberry Pi.

Aryash J S2

Smart Mirror with Motion Detection and Facial [...]

Tanay A

Tanay A Parking Spot Detection

Taren P

Raspberry Pi Object Following Robot


Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Lucas M

Injury Preventing Smart Shoe

Edgar S

Phone Controlled Robot Arm

Nitish B

A self-driving car built using Raspberry Pi [...]

Rahul N

Facial Recognition Protected Safebox

Matt R

Phone Controlled Robot Arm

Albert C

Object Detection on Raspberry Pi

Ameya G

Smile Recognition with a Raspberry Pi

Devan C.

Arduino Obstacle-Avoiding Robot

Sohan S

Gesture Controlled Car With Accelerometer

Yana P

Third Eye for Visually Impaired Dancers

Rishabh R

Touchless Handwash Timer & Face Touch Alarm

Max A

Weather OLED Display Station

Thomas C

Safe w/ Fingerprint ID and Keypad

Natalie Z

Object Detection with Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi

Aditya M.

Smart Mirror with Motion Detection

Diego B.

Third Eye for the Visually Impaired

Marco H

Gesture Controlled Fighting Survival Game

Giulia C

Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner and Keypad

David T

Wifi Strength Tester Wifi Strength Tester

Ella D

Third Eye for the Visually Impaired

Maya R.

Spectrum Analyzer for Music Production

Ilan G

Gesture Controlled Robot Car With [...]

Mai D

Futuristic Mirror (aka Smart Mirror)

Will M

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Eden H

Gesture-Controlled Robot

Ben C.

Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Robert V

Smartphone-Controlled Robot Arm

Sanya G

Smart Mirror with Raspberry Pi

Ben A

Bio-Metric / Keypad Security System

Hanen S

Arduino Phone-Controlled Robot Arm

Dhruv A

Raspberry Pi Object Detection

Lara V

3-Joint Robotic Arm with Claw

Tony Z.

Fingerprint ID Safe with Keypad

Jake S

Homemade Video Game Emulator

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