Projects with Friends

Projects with Friends is a live-streamed, hands-on engineering learning experience for high school and middle school students offered evenings and weekends. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, students build real projects by themselves or with friends. They gain hands-on experience and can learn from each other.

Projects are more fun when you build them together!

Program Features

  • Eight different projects.
  • Five hours of live class instruction.
  • Taught by engineering experts via Zoom.
  • Flexible evening and weekend times.
  • Cost: $329 includes instruction, engineering kit and parts for future modifications.
  • Project kits are mailed directly to you.
  • Returning students who reuse project kits eligible for a $100 discount.
  • Group discounts available. Email [email protected] with the number in your group.

Students and instructor on Zoom for Projects with Friends class.


  • Gain hands-on project experience.
  • Students learn teamwork as they work through bugs.
  • Looks good on college applications.
  • Social connection in a safe way.

Scheduling Options

Projects with friends is completely virtual and with convenient evening or weekend times. Choose the option that works best for your schedule.

Weekday Classes

  • Run daily Monday – Thursday
  • Each session lasts an hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Offer two flexible start times.

Weekend Classes

  • Offered twice a month
  • Run Saturday and Sunday
  • Each session lasts two and a half hours


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Project Choices

Arduino-Controlled Pong*

A game made in Processing and controlled by Arduino. The perfect blend of coding and hardware! 

Hand-Washing Timer

Use a touchless sensor to trigger a 20 second timer and wash those hands!

Obstacle Avoiding Robot*

This robot uses an ultrasonic sensor to sense and avoid obstacles! Lots of room for customization.

Line Following Robot*

This robot uses IR sensors to detect and follow a line on the floor!

Garden Monitoring System

Monitor the soil of your plants to make sure they are getting enough water

“Third Eye” for the Blind

Build an assistive device for the visually impaired or if you want to walk around with your eyes closed.

Endless Runner Video Game*

Learn how to code your own custom endless runner game. Once you’ve mastered the basics, anything is possible!

Simon Says Memory Game

Create the classic memory game Simon Says using an arduino and colorful LEDs, challenge your friends!

* High school students only

Program Requirements

  • At least 13 years old.
  • Have a computer to run Arduino software.
  • Able to connect to Zoom and Slack.

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding the Projects with Friends program, interested in private lessons or inquiring about sessions for younger students, please email us at [email protected].

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