2014 Students

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2014 Students

Faustino S

Minty Boost, Parking Sensor, TV B Gone

Simon Y

Weather detection system with compass

Golden H

Bluetooth controlled Smart Watch


Wearable Forearm Bracelet


Audio synthesizer


Robot that does not fall off a table


Voice Controlled Robot

Simon W

Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire


Door Lock that Opens with your Phone

Syed R.

Line-following Spider Robot

Dave C

Sun-Tracking Solar Panel

Liam K.

Line-Following Spider Robot

Syed N.

(1 WEEK) Infrared Vision Rover

Jose P.

Motion-Controlled Computer Game

Max W

TV-B-Gone (1 week student)

Vansh P

Wien bridge oscillator (1 week student)

Cesar S

Light Organ (1 week student)

Asher R.

(1 WEEK) MintyBoost, Metronome

Aaron Z

Touchscreen Camera, RC Robot Tank

Ab S.

Omnidirectional Robot

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