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The core of BlueStamp’s success is driven by hiring the best people in the country. BSE staff has significant project experience, are skilled teachers, and know how to make learning and building fun!

Open Positions

Lead Instructor & Instructor

BlueStamp Engineering is always looking for independent, motivated, kind, and technical people to join our summer staff in all locations.  All positions are paid and require staff to work together to assist students in creating their projects. This will include teaching engineering techniques and concepts, tools and safety, technical documentation, and troubleshooting methods. Staff will guide students to ideas, approaches, and sources of solutions based on their previous project experience without “just doing it for them.”

New York City Director

BlueStamp Engineering is now hiring a Director to lead up the outreach, enrollment, staffing, and summer operation of the Palo Alto program. Complete details can be found in the posting below.

What Previous Staff have said

  • Teaching at BlueStamp Engineering gave me the opportunity to exercise my creativity, while simultaneously cementing my own knowledge as I educated the engineers of tomorrow. Working with the students at BlueStamp was a new adventure everyday – if you can teach a room full of high school students while garnering their respect (as I did at BlueStamp), then other career challenges suddenly don’t seem so daunting.

    Jeremy Blum
    Jeremy Blum Head of Electrical Engineering at Shaper, Previous BSE NYC Lead Instructor
  • Being an instructor at BlueStamp Engineering is a unique & rewarding opportunity that you will get at no other company. I had been debating whether to guide my career path towards engineering design or engineering management, and BlueStamp Engineering gave me the opportunity to try both while also inspiring high school students to pursue engineering along the way. I can safely say that I learned much more in 6 weeks than I would have throughout the whole summer at a larger company. If you are looking for a highly entrepreneurial and technical job experience that will give you exposure to all aspects of making engineering projects successful, I strongly believe BlueStamp is an excellent match for you.

    Sabrina Paseman
    Sabrina Paseman Product Engineer at Apple, previous BSE SF Lead Instructor
  • As an instructor at BlueStamp, I was able to share my passion and knowledge with a group of students who wanted nothing more than to learn as much as they could, and enjoy it at the same time. The rapid paced program at BlueStamp really pushes the students, and their instructors, to reveal their full potential. Working at BlueStamp was a truly rewarding experience in my professional career. I personally feel that the leadership experience gained from working at BlueStamp is one of the reasons I’m working my dream job today.

    Ryan Caeti
    Ryan Caeti Rocket Scientist at SpaceX, previous BSE NYC Lead Instructor
  • Working with the brilliant minds that come into BlueStamp Engineering is an absolute pleasure.  The students are passionate, driven to learn, explore and create - as an instructor you get to foster this passion and push them beyond what they thought possible.  Not only do you get to help students build projects they care deeply about, but you get to understand engineering design principles from an entirely unique perspective.  Through the six weeks, it is easy to become invested in the growth and experience that each and every student has while building at BlueStamp Engineering.  Fostering independent thinking, creativity, and the engineering design process, BlueStamp Engineering is a great place to grow as a young professional.

    Erik Hatlestad
    Erik Hatlestad Director - BlueStamp Engineering, Cofounder - Relik, Previous BSE Lead Instructor
  • Working at Bluestamp helped me learn and apply the hard and soft skills needed in engineering. They provide a safe and fun atmosphere to explore many aspects of engineering while coaching driven young minds in finding a passion for engineering themselves.

    Tamir Amitai R&D Electrical Engineer at LEAF, previous BSE SF Lead Instructor

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